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The First Low-Profile Four-High News King as Remanufactured by Robertson
The low-profile four-high News King tower remanufactured by Robertson is designed to print four over four colors with a minimum of web travel between units. At a distance of only 30" between blanket cylinders, four-color is laid down before web stretch can occur. One of the best features of this print tower is its multiple web capability. It can print one 4/4 web, or up to four 1/1 webs, if necessary. Equipped with Robertson's spiral brush dampening, heavy-duty Robertson sidelay registration and eight of Robertson's exclusive mechanical RCRs (running circumferential register) as standard equipment, the printing process is set for quick start-ups. To ensure the best web control possible, the tower is equipped with a built-in press driven infeed. With vertical line shaft construction and independent heavy-duty gear boxes at each unit, this tower is built for heavy production environments.